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About us?



Betar is a Jewish-Zionist youth movement that uses non-formal education as a fundamental tool, in which, Saturday to Saturday, young people voluntarily educate young people about topics such as Judaism, Zionism, the history of the Jewish people and values ​​such as respect, tolerance or leadership.


Our movement is created by Zeev Jabotinsky in Riga in 1923, in parallel with Revisionist Zionism. Its name refers to the acronym: "Brit hanoar Haivri al Shem Yosef Trumpeldor", in Spanish: "Pact of the Hebrew youth with Yosef Trumpeldor".


Betar arises in the middle of a crisis in which the Jews of the diaspora were going through such as the Kischinev pogrom, in which Jabotinsky understands that it takes more than young Zionists, so he decides to create this movement. His goal was to create a new generation of young Jews proud of their Judaism who would never again allow themselves to be trampled on as in that pogrom, willing to fight for a single ideal: The creation of a Jewish state.


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